Saturday, September 21, 2013

ART MEETS FASHION 2013 @ Industry city in Brooklyn

BK Style Foundation(BKSF) is a 501(C)3 Public Charity founded in 2004 and is a platform for Brooklynʼs explosive fashion and creative talent. The mission of BKSF is to assist emerging, underprivileged designers honing their talent and growing their business. BKSF provides a professional forum to showcase their creations alongside established designers. www.bkstyle.orgFoundation for Art in Motion is a 501(C)3 founded in 2008 by Ford Model Monica Watkins. At Art In Motion, our mission is simple: To inspire, uplift and strengthen local communities by cultivating their children through the arts. We do this by working with local communities worldwide and providing their most disadvantaged children with creative programming that focuses on education and empowerment. Through our sustained programmatic support, we give children confidence-building tools to ignite their souls, nurture their spirits, and give voice to their dreams. Our mission is simple, our actions are global.www.artinmotionshow.orgThe Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA) uses the visual arts as a point of departure for exploring new artistic production across a variety of disciplines. Through exhibitions and programming, MoCADA incites dialogue on pressing social and political issues facing the African Diaspora, and fosters a dynamic space for the creation and continuous evolution of culture.

Contributing artists

Carlos Falchi, Bil Donovan, Ricky Powell, Marco Gallotta, Antonio Oliveira, Alex Blaise, Gordon Skinner, Cynthia K. Cortez, Clyde James Ramos, Andrew Makadsi, Bob Albert, Delphine Diallo, Josama Palabra, Alcinda Saphira, Rene Nascimento, Heather Van Uxem Lewis, Chistine Selvia, John Jay Cabuay, Izak Zenou, Javier Martin, Carlos Aponte, The Muffin Man, Beck Oakley, Francesco Petrone, Jaka Vinsek, Hassan Kinley, Kisha Batista, Yalitza Rodriguez, Lance Cain, Luis Alves Collage, Jason Yarmosky, Peter Ruprecht, Wyatt Gallery, Igor Molochevsky, Rosalinda Gonzalez, Fabrice Bonmartin, Romulo Sanz, Liz Carvalho, Loan Chabanol, Reka Nyari, Ben Franke, Molaundo Jones, Marcos Amaro, Miguel Trelles, Theo Dora, Shannon Shiang and Erica Simone  


                        Art Meets Fashion At Industry City - (Event Coverage) - Insure Success

     Artists Luis Alves , Heather Van Uxen Lewis & Antonio Oliveira
Luis Alves Collage
Priscilla Hughes, kyle, Carlos Falchi, Christne Selvia & Missy Falchi
Katherine from & for Jonsar Studios Brooklyn New York
Ricky Davy, Monica Watkins & Carlos Falchi
  Artists Shanya Houston, Theo Dora, Carlos Falchi & Javier Martin
Carlos Falchi & Christine Selvia
Marconi Barbosa, Alcinda Saphira, Rosangela Sabino, Rene Nascimento, Cissy Watkins & friends
Marcos Amaro & Carlos Falchi
Rosangela Sabino, Alcinda Saphira, Theo Dora, Marco Gallotta & Mrs Gallotta

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